Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Did My Mojo Go

I just wanted to post a little something since I havent blogged, what seems forever. It was last month since I have shared anything. I admit, I have not been scrappin lately. I need to find my mojo. I keep thinking every day, I am going to clean off my desk & get something done. Nope. Not yet. 

I have been shopping a bit lately tho. I keep telling myself, I have to start creating more & do less buying. Then there are those surprise sales from the LSS. Which there were 2 in the last week. At the first LSS, she had 25% off embellishments. I found Trendy Tape by Queen & Co.  She had all different kinds. I ended up buying 5 packages. The second LSS's special was to buy a tote bag with their logo on it for $3. Then you could pick out 4 items of your choice & received 25% off. Then every month they will have totebag specials. That should be interesting to see what they come up with. I went to pick up more cardstock to make my DBF a Birthday card & then never made the card. As always, I procrastinated & he wanted me to go to the races so it never got done. I will have to make sure I make a Father's Day Card & will share it. I should start on that right away since I have a hard time making masculine cards.

If you havent noticed on the sidebar, I have finally joined Pinterest. I kept thinking that I do not need anything else to keep me on the computer. I always find myself always looking & finding inspiration from everyone else on the computer but I dont do anything with it. That will have to change & hopefully soon. So, I gave in & joined.

Hope you have a Great week!
Happy Scrappin!


  1. Well well, sounds like you need to get to work, Heather!! Enjoy those goodies! When you lose your mojo, the best thing to do is sit down, and just make something, anything, even if you hate it!! This works wonders to just get your creativity revved up again. Good luck! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and support of our blog, we soooo appreciate it!! Have a great day!

  2. I agree with Kelly- just force yourself to do SOMETHING...it'll come back to you, I promise...thx always for all of your kindness on my blog- I truly do enjoy your comments :),
    All the best,


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