Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

I did not get a chance to post on Friday, like I usually like to do. I had to take a nap after work so I had some rest for a LSS crop that day. I had to take my boyfriends Suburban to the crop because I had purchased one of their shelf cabinets. That is one of many things that I purchased from there. They closed for good on Saturday September 1st. Friday was their last crop. It was a little sad as I saw one of the ladies that worked there crying & went into the back room with the owner. I had not been there real often because I lived almost an hour away but it was my favorite LSS. The LSS in our town closed last summer & I miss it there also. All the ladies, at this LSS that just closed, were always so cheerful & nice. This is the store that had the bus trip that I went on last November. The whole VIP scrappin experience will be missed.

On a happier note, they did have some good sales going on. I stocked up on Distress inks, stickles, stains. Bought some TH alteration items & a configurations tray. They had a tote special. Fill up their totebag of 24 sheets of cardstock & coordinations paper for $10. I bought on that sale 2 different times. Some Basic Grey & BoBunny papers too. I also bought some BoBunny & Little Yellow Bicycle embellishments.  I had bought a shirt the first week but I also won another shirt when they gave away prizes towards the end of the crop.
Here are some pictures of my scrappin goodies that I bought.
This 2nd picture is of the cabinet from the LSS that just closed but to the left of that are wooden slats with paper trays & hooks. Those items came from the LSS that closed in my town last year. So, I have started a collection from the LSS that have closed in my area.

I also got a picture with the owner & another lady that worked there, which I also did at my LSS.  I am sure to be scrappin these 2 LSS  sometime. Not sure when I will get to that as it seems that I am never going to finish my 2 wedding albums that I am working on. LOL.
There was a funny thing that happened at the LSS. The owner was telling me, while I was looking around, that I have a look alike. She is another customer & she gets us mixed up. I have never met the lady but the owner was telling me about a time when she called this lady by my name. There was a lady standing about 5ft. behind me when the owner was telling me this & she says that was me. The owner never even saw her standing there. One of those things when you had to be there. Everyone got a chuckle out of it. So, I did get to meet my look alike the very last day I was there.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend.
Happy Scrappin!


  1. How funny that your look a like was there at the same time!!! Too funny!

    Great score with that cabinet! Hope you get some great use from it!

  2. Aaaw always sad to hear of LSS's closing. We don't have any around where I live. Love your finds, though! Nice job! That cabinet's great!


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