Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are enjoying the holidays with family & friends & good times.

I wanted to share a Christmas gift that I made for my mom this year. This was a special gift just for her.

When my boyfriends mother passed away last month from Lung Cancer, my mom took it hard. When we were going through photos for the collage to put up at the funeral, I found a picture that inspired me to make this gift.

I had the photo enlarged & mounted. I decided to put it in a shadow box & decorate it. My boyfriend helped me out with some ideas. His mom collected Boyds Bears & had them all over the house. There were resin figurines, stuffed animals & lapel pins. I picked out 2 small resin Boyds Bears & put them in the shadow box.

The title, purple flowers & cheerleader bear were put in the shadow box for a special reason. There is a story behind them.
The purple flowers were from my boyfriends mom's funeral. I let them dry out & then sprayed them with hairspray to help hold them together. They were still pretty fragile though. I glued them down with Fabritac. That was the hardest part of putting the shadow box together. The title started out because the 2 women are my sons grandmas but also then remembered my son bowled in a team tournament & they called themselves The Grandmas. Of course, his 2 grandmas were there to cheer him on. Hence, the cheerleader bear & also when he wasnt doing so good with bowling, they would threaten to bring pom poms to cheer him on.

I glued Prima resin corners & butterflies in the shadow box. I added stickles to the butterflies to lighten it up a bit. The picture of the shadow box didnt turn out real well since we have had winter gloomy days.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & share this special Christmas gift.

Happy Scrappin!

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